Commentary from Titanic Film Festival (IMDb)
"Saw this surprisingly good dark comedy at the Titanic Film Festival in Budapest. It's best labeled as dark comedy although there are various tone shifts throughout the movie. I guess all of us could -to a lesser extent, of course- relate to the main character, Kip's phobias. His "problems" are well documented and create some really funny moments at the start of the film. Only an attractive and mysterious woman could possibly penetrate Kip's elaborate defense mechanisms, thus the middle section introduces a femme fatale to the isolated world of our hero. This demanding role, which is pivotal to the film's success, is brilliantly played by the beautiful Leslie Kendall. At this point we are led to think that the movie might turn out to be a romantic comedy after all, events however take a different turn as love is replaced by manipulation, betrayal and greed and we are back into black comedy territory again. Although the film is for the most part set in a Manhattan apartment it is never really an issue: the script with its various twists and turns manages to keep our attention level high. Special credit must be given to Charlie Schmid's score too; it's very atypical and adds a great deal to the overall atmosphere of the movie. One of the directors, Kerry Douglas Dye was present at the screening and he told us that his intentions when writing the script was to always go for the less obvious and try to avoid all Hollywood clichés. Budget was tight, filming was tense but he pretty much succeeded and the end result is an unconventional yet very enjoyable dark comedy. I'm a sure buyer for the upcoming DVD."
Coverage from Cleveland International Film Festival
"Every one of us who loves film festivals has a pathology that motivates us to crave them ... A morbid hope of turning over a stone and finding a film ... like that lurking beneath. When in the course of our cinema crawling, we walk out of some odd, deviant, off the wall movie we know that we have scored. This is why we came to the festival. This is definitely a festival film. And a very good one. ... Leslie Kendall has the equivocal charm to be seductive without really convincing you she is on the level. You sense from the outset there is more there and this is a feather in her acting cap. ... I must capitulate. This is one unnerving, unhealthily absorbing, funny and completely unwholesome film experience. I wanted to shower when it was done. In other words, and excellent choice for our film festival."
Short Review from FFWD Weekly (Calgary, Canada)
FFWD Weekly (Calgary, Canada)This short review from the Calgary International Film Festival is a very nice one that credits the "lead actors' textured performances" and calls it "one of the surprise gems of this year's festival".
Review from New Times of Broward-Palm Beach (Village Voice Media)
New Times of Broward-Palm Beach (Village Voice Media)A nice review and interesting thematic analysis that opens with "Body/Antibody will make you think about dichotomies in life, lose faith in love, and then make you re-think it all again." Over the course of the review, the critic also mentions our "exquisite cast" and credits us with having "more delicious twists than a Tastee-Freez cone".
Lead Actress Leslie Kendall on "Kansas City Live" [Video: 5:18 min.]
Kansas City Live (NBC)Leslie Kendall on the local NBC affiliate morning show "Kansas City Live". Leslie was in town for the Kansas City International Film Festival. Her television appearance was so well received by Kansans that the festival had to move Body/Antibody to a larger theatre.

Short Review from SEE Magazine in Edmonton
SEE Magazine (Edmonton, Canada)SEE gives Body/Antibody three and a half stars and credits its "refreshingly understated" performances and says the work of the directors "promises more good things to come".
Blurb in The Rainbow Times
The Rainbow TimesThis review of the Northampton Independent Film Festival calls the writing "skilled and unique", the principle actors "very talented" and says the twists and turns "will keep you on the edge of your seat."
Review from Mount Holyoke News [PDF: 30.9KB]
Mount Holyoke NewsThis review from the Mount Holyoke student newspaper declares that "Body/Antibody is easily the darkest, kinkiest, and funniest film I’ve seen in months."
Article about Northampton Independent Film Festival
Berkshire EagleThis review of the Northampton Independent Film Festival says "through its camera techniques, deft acting and bizarre turns-of-plot Body/Antibody ... activates any latent OCD tendencies in the viewer."
Arts a la Mode (Charlotte, NC)
A nice review from the Charlotte Film Festival that declares, "with a fascinating mixture of genres, this low-budget film displays excellent acting and many surprising twists of plot and tone."
Endless Pajama Lark Blog
A blogger whose brief review singles out Body/Antibody as a fest favorite at the Kansas International Film Festival.